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Doug R. Kennedy — Fourth Generation Construction Family Legacy

I was brought up in a family who always took the approach to a construction project with a mindset of quality comes first and getting the job done right. Right means to be able to do your project fast, efficiently and within your budget. Send me the “Request for Quote” form and I will get back to you within a day to get the details. We look forward to working on your next home project.

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    Yard Maintenance Hauling & Removal
    Excavating, Drainage & Dirt Work
    Brick & Stone Work
    Driveways, Walkways Installation & Removal

    We can repair, maintain, remove and improve your home exterior and landscape. From fixing drainage problems to paving stone pathways we have the right equipment and people for the job. We are certified in electrical for your water pumps and septic installations and we are fully insured. Give us a call today we are ready to get down and dirty and get your home’s work done on time and within your budget.

    • Excavating basements
    • Backfilling and dirt deliveries
    • Grading of land and dirt removal
    • Small tree work and brush removal
    • Drainage and piping
    • Sewer and septic installment
    • Water and electric installment
    • Various stone and RR tie retaining walls
    • Peanuts stone work repair and replacement
    • Brick and Pavers installation and removal
    • Driveways upkeep and replacement
    • Sink hole and septic tank removal and filling
    • Yard maintenance and mulching
    • Junk disposal
    • Help moving and Hauling
    • Snow shoveling and plowing

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